Obesity Trivia

The Nine Truths About Weight Loss

  1. Your body will resist permanent weight loss
  2. Biology is NOT destiny
  3. Weight control is a manageable athletic challenge
  4. You will experience three stages to success: Honeymoon, Frustration, and Acceptance
  5. You can eat very little fat and learn how to keep your hunger quiet.
  6. If you maintain a written record of your eating and exercising at least 75% of the time, you can manage the program successfully.
  7. Exercise every day is the way.
  8. You can manage stress without overeating or underexercising.
  9. Maintaining weight is actually easier, not harder, than losing weight.


Dos and don'ts to tackle obesity

  • Do some breathing exercises & yoga regularly: maintain yourself in good shape and healthy mind.  Yoga is suitable for any age group.

  • Brisk walking is very effective in obesity control. Go for it everyday.

  • Hit the gym, at least three to four days a week. ‘Sit ups and Push ups’ make your body flexible and tones the abdomen muscles, buttocks, thighs, and other body parts.

  • Eat natural and fresh green vegetables. Green salads containing tomatoes and mint leaves – they are good for burning excessive fat

    Drink good amount of water everyday as water is extremely effective in proper functioning of body and also lead to obesity control.

  • Cabbage in any form should be included in your diet as it is extremely beneficial in controlling obesity.

  • Carrot, pineapple, papaya, apple are some of the effective fruits for keeping you healthy and fit.

  • Do not eat rice, refined flour, and high calorie chocolates.

  • Never miss your breakfast as skipping your regular diet is unhealthy habit and leads to obesity.

  • Using vegetable oil like ground oil; sunflower oil is good for cooking purpose. Avoid using excess butter, deep-frying the foods and excess salt in your cooking.


Childhood Obesity - Do's and Don'ts for parents

  • Do… swap the ice cream for a warm, reassuring hug and listen to their feelings without preaching. You’ll save further weight-gain and the sorrow that is sure to follow, while creating a deeper connection with your child. The benefits are endless!

  • Don’t…set a bad example by not taking care of yourself.

  • Lead by example – food or exercise. Feel better about your relationship with the kids. They will respect you more!

  • Don’t…force the kids to work out or join an activity that they really may not want to do. Overweight kids are extremely self-conscience about their weight and how others perceive them and the last thing they want is to be the target of more teasing. Remember, if you overreact to their weight they may withdraw and become even more difficult to manage.

  • Do…Find out what sport or activity they enjoy and work it into the weekly routine.

  • You just can’t be too busy to do your job as a parent. Don’t count on the schools or government to handle your child’s health-it’s not their job to raise your kid.

  • If you wait for them to become adults and deal with it themselves, you, and they, will suffer greater pain than if you take action right now.

  • So take control of your health and that of your children before it’s too late to go back. After all, you can change what you eat now, but can’t reverse diabetes later.


Manual Uribe

From 1234 pounds 2 years ago . . .   To 694 now.

Manuel Uribe, 43, looks happy with fiancée Claudia Solis in Monterrey, Mexico, on June 9, 2008.  They got married on Oct 26th, 2008.

Uribe, once the world's heaviest living man at 1,234 pounds, hopes to be able to walk Solis down the aisle one day.

He has lost 540 pounds since 2006.





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