A mega symposium for Doctors on
'a novel concept to induce browning of white fat cells to counter obesity'

Obesity and overweight is the major health issue worldwide. Globalization and evolving urbanization trends in most developing countries have introduced rapid changes in lifestyles, physical activity and modifications in the structure of diet towards increasing intake of fats, resulting in obesity, coronary heart diseases, diabetes and cancer.

Meyer Vitabiotics has been the trendsetter in the obesity segment. Meyer has a basket of brands that aid in weight loss. Reeshape is the pioneer in obesity management and is the brand leader in the obesity market. Reeshape is the no.1 choice of doctors for obesity management. Till date more than 3,23,000 patients have been benefitted from Reeshape. After the grand success of Reeshape, Meyer Vitabiotics is glad to introduce Reshape Natural- a new product with its innovative concept and a powerful formulation to speed up the weight loss.

Reshape Natural is natural, safe and effective product that helps in weight loss when taken in combination with diet modification and regular exercise. Meyer is the 1s t company to introduce a product in the Indian market which induces browning of the white fat cells i.e. converts the energy storing white fat cells into energy burning brown fat cells; induce thermogenesis and boost body metabolism naturally.

To increase the awareness about obesity management throughout India, a mega symposium was conducted on 9th of April at Hotel Orchid, Mumbai on the topic "A novel concept to induce browning of white fat cells to counter obesity." The speaker at the event was Dr. Nitin Patankar, who is a well-known physician and holds an expertise in treating Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome. The symposium was attended by more than 140 doctors. Key points about the therapeutic potential of brown fats and role of Reshape Natural in modulating the conversion of white fats to brown fats in obesity management were discussed. Latest research papers and findings were shared by Dr. Nitin Patankar. All the doctors present at this event had a great discussion with our speaker. The doctors appreciated the concept and gave a good feedback about the product . The event was also graced by Mrs. Uma Kalekar, Director - Meyer Vitabiotics. The event was a great success.

Come; let us join hands together for our "Fight against the Fats". Let us make India free from harmful fats.