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Do's and Don'ts of Obesity


  • Do shop for low-fat and low-calorie food items.
  • Do stock only Healthy Foods at home.
  • Do take frequent small meals to avoid food cravings.
  • Do take more proteins in your diet so that you can stay longer without food.
  • Do consult a certified professional before taking up any diet plan.
  • Do educate yourself about good food habits and balanced diet.
  • Do add healthy foods to your diet like – oatmeal, walnuts, salads,
  • Do use warm water for drinking.
  • Do control your craving for oily and fried foods.
  • Do eat lower calorie vegetables like – bitter gourd, drumstick etc.
  • Do go for a brisk morning walk of 30 mins.
  • Do Yoga and Meditation to manage your stress and fatigue.
  • Do eat a tomato daily in the morning.
  • Do include cabbage in your daily meal. It will stop the conversion of sugars to fat.
  • Do eat Vitamin B-12 sources.
  • Do prefer steamed, boiled and baked vegetable rather than fried.
  • Do avoid ‘alcohol’.
  • Do drink skimmed milk instead of whole milk.
  • Do roast, bake or boil meat and other protein source those have fat.
  • Do include lemon in your diet and drinks.



  • Do not shop when you are hungry.
  • Do not watch too much TV.
  • Do not consider Fad Diets like – miracle foods for weight loss, weight loss without exercise.
  • Do not eat high carbohydrate vegetables like – potato etc.
  • Do not take more sugary or sweet products.
  • Do not go for fried and oily foods.
  • Do not make sedentary habits.
  • Do not go for excessive sleep.
  • Do not eat fast foods.
  • Do not skip any meal.
  • Do not drink less than 8-10 glasses of water daily.
  • Do not eat more dairy products.
  • Do not eat salty foods or excess salt in meals.
  • Do not eat butter, oil or ghee. Use vegetable oil.
  • Do not ‘smoke’.
  • Do not eat high carbohydrate sources like – rice etc. Eat complex carbohydrates like – cereals, oatmeal.
  • Do not over-eat or under-eat.